Forest Fires - Realistic Landscape Nature Painting

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Acrylic on 12x"24"x1.5" canvas

Artist Statement: "This fire in the woods represents the warmth and coziness that comes with a cold winter. It also represents the need for practicing fire safety in the wilderness. Watching the snow fall down and knowing each snowflake has a different make up, its enamoring. They all combine to make a beautiful path of white that is lightened by the fire, to lead you from the darkness." 


Wildfires on the Rise:

 "The 2017 wildfire season was well above average, with deadly fires in California and throughout the West, including Montana, Oregon, and Washington state. The 2018 wildfire season went on to also break records as the deadliest and most destructive season on record in California. NOAA estimates the total costs of wildfires in 2017 and 2018 to be more than $40 billion. In 2019, wildfires caused an estimated $4.5 billion in damages in California and Alaska. Alaska’s record-breaking heat and dry conditions over the summer months set the conditions for the state’s historic wildfire season. In 2020, five of the six largest fires on record burned in California and Oregon saw historic levels of wildfire spread and damage. Wildfires across the West led to weeks-long periods of unhealthy air quality levels for millions of people."

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