Meltwater Lake - Landscape Mountain Art

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Acrylic on 16"x20".75" oval canvas

Artist Statement: "This landscape painting takes you to minutes before my favorite time of day. When the trees and land start to transform to shadows at dusk. The sun paints the sky in its most vibrant colors every day. Each sunset bringing us a new color scheme. I like to think of it as Mother Nature taking her last beautiful breath before bed and that she is painting the sky in her emotions. The mountains will continue fading right before our eyes, if we do not make a change to help save our environment."

"Global warming will change nearly every mountain ecosystem, starting with the very visible meltdown of glaciers.

In the European Alps, some glaciers retreated by as much 410 feet last year — imagine the Empire State Building shrinking by a third. Globally, the world’s glaciers have lost 9 trillion tons of ice since 1961, raising sea level by about 1 inch, according to the European Space Agency.

As glaciers melt, they create a series of risks: newly formed meltwater lakes can burst through their banks, flooding towns and farms below. And as the ice dwindles, that will significantly change the timing and amount of water available for hydropower production and agriculture.

Along with disrupting ecosystems and downstream communities that rely on glacier meltwater, global warming in the mountains will cause emotional and cultural loss as cherished landscapes vanish."

10% of this Original will be donated to:

Green Mountain Conservation Group


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