Reflection - Abstract Mountain Stone Art

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Acrylic and Spray Paint with Recycled Plastic on Canvas

Artist Statement: "This piece resembles the idea of self reflection. The mirrored silver spray paint in the back shows a vague outline of the viewer when you are standing before this piece. It was created to inspire each individual to take a minute to self-reflect and understand what you can do personally to help save our ecosystems. Whether it is recycling, driving less, or turning the lights off when you leave a room. There are so many little things individuals can implement. If everyone made even just one small change, imagine the impact that would actually have."

  1. Switch to 100% green power
  2. Save energy - Turn lights off and challenge yourself to raise your household AC by 2 degrees
  3. Optimize your diet
  4. Avoid plastic wherever you can
  5. Sharing is caring! Ex. carpooling, exchanging clothes, or lending/borrowing tools
  6. Shrink your digital footprint
  7. Avoid flying and make cautious transportation decisions
  8. Make sustainable investments
  9. Protect our forests and plant more trees
  10. Make informed decisions as a consumer and as a citizen
  11. Make your voice heard!

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10% of this Original sold will be donated to:

Global Giving Climate Action Fund