When The Lights Turn Off - Impressionistic Northern Lights Painting

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Acrylic on 16"x20".75" canvas

Artist Statement: "An original, one of a kind LOBO ART. The essence of the northern lights flows into the viewer in this original. You can imagine yourself sitting at the waters edge, the lake crystal smooth mirroring the sky as if it were to play with the water. The mountains looking back at themselves, wondering if this is the highest they will ever be. With the overconsumption of burning fossil fuels to produce electricity, the northern lights will not be seen forever, if we keep deteriorating our ecosystem the way we have been."

Energy Pollution Information:

"Climate change is an energy problem. Burning fossil fuels to produce electricity or heat is responsible for roughly half of global warming pollution. Tacking on industry in general, including producing cement, steel, plastics and chemicals, accounts for 78 percent of greenhouse gases, which invisibly accumulate in the atmosphere and trap extra heat.  Such climate changing pollution continues to increase—in 2010, the world emitted some 49 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases, thanks largely to increased coal burning in countries. The number has continued to increase in recent years. In fact, human society added half of the global warming pollution that is in the atmosphere in just the last 40 years."

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